Dewhot Constant Temperature 16lt

Dewhot Constant Temperate 16lt
Price R5775


Introducing new to the South African market our 16lt natural draft, constant temperature unit. It requires no mains power and irrespective of Eskom will supply 16-5lt/min water at a CONSTANT TEMPERATURE.

The units are aluminium painted.


Domestic constant temperature unit with natural exhaust;
Automatic water flow/gas linked ignition;
Automatic pulse ignition from one “D” cell torch battery;
Aluminium coated front panel;
LCD control panel to set desired water temperature;
Automatic flame height/water flow control;
Constant temperature with varying water flow;
Can mix with cold water;
Water pressure 0.3-5 bar;

Low Pressure Gas Geyser

Dewhot Low Pressure 12 Lt
Price R3410


A wide range of operating pressures and flow rates has the added advantage of being able to control your water temperature by allowing you to add cold water without the unit switching off.

This like our other units does not require an Eskom connection but runs off two torch batteries.


Operates from one-meter to a fifty-meter head of water pressure

Can be mounted indoors or out Needs a flue
Flow range from 12lt to 3lts/min
Flow control tap on cold water supply. Allows addition of cold water

Water flow sensor no diaphragm to freeze Automatic start, runs on two torch batteries Has adjustable pressure relief valve/drain stem

Anti-corrosive aluminum coated