Kexin Gas Geyser Range

6lt Kexin gas geyser (R2015)
8lt Kexin gas geyser (R2710)
10lt Kexin gas geyser (R2995)
12lt Kexin gas geyser (R3295)
16lt Kexin gas geyser (R4715)


The units are White Powder Coated


Domestic instant water heater with natural exhaust;
Water gas linked automatic ignition, No pilot light;
Automatic pulse ignition from two standard torch batteries;
Stainless steel front panel;
LCD temperature gauge;
Flame height, gas flow knob;
Temperature, water flow knob;
On & off switch for cold or hot water;
Water pressure 0.3 -5.0 bar
Water pressure stabilizing design;
Starting indicator light;