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Gridwise is a professional energy efficient solutions provider and official supplier of Dewhot gas geysers.

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GridWise is all about going off the Grid one step at a time. To make your first step the simplest and quickest form is by installing a Gas Geyser in your home, freeing you from dependence on the grid. Geysers usually consume about 60% of household electricity, and as such, are the first port of call for homeowners seeking to improve energy efficiency. GridWise is the intelligent home water heating solution for you and your family.

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Installing a gas geyser would not only benefit your electricity bill, but the value of your home as well. Energy-efficiency has become a buzzword for house hunters, and not just because of loadshedding; homeowners all around the world are trying to go green. So a home that is less dependent on the grid makes for a sound investment opportunity.

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After Sales is backed by a reputable manufacturer – Country Wide



All of our geysers are LPGSA and Safe Appliance approved



All products have a one year carry in warranty plus all technical workmanship



Delivery done country wide. Costs vary depending on location.

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The level of service from the Gridwise guys was great – They gave sound advice and had stock.
- Garth
We needed a COC with our installation and the installer recommended from Gridwise was very professional.
- Patrick
I was impressed with the services from Gridwise. They recommended a qualified installer who knew his stuff.
- John
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