Solar Solutions

Reliable traditional power supply is a fading memory

We have become accustomed to an endless supply of power. Times have changed. We now find ourselves in a prolonged cycle of interrupted supply and there is no end in sight to the worsening loadshedding.

Why Solar?

As long as the African sun is shining, the almost linear performance of batteries and panels ensures continuity of supply. By making use of the latest inverter technology with smart integration between solar panels, inverter and batteries we are able to deliver a sustainable energy supply with substantial savings. There is no better way than solar to manage costs and ensure supply. 

Commercial solar

Cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Traditional energy supply is becoming more unreliable and the costs thereof are becoming more unpredictable. Eliminate losses due to down time and spiralling costs by fixing your costs through the coming decades with a solar installation. All you will ever need in a solar supplier - consult, design, install, maintain. Take the first step today to getting off the grid.

Residential solar

Put an end to the pain of frightening tariff increases and constantly worsening load shedding. Improve the value of your home by investing in the certainty and convenience of solar. Enjoy fixed costs and regular supply for up to 25 years.

Our quality promise

All of our systems comprise hardware, installation and maintenance. High performance depends on quality hardware, and if we are installing quality hardware then you will want a quality installation and responsible maintenance going forward. At Gridwise, our focus is to meet and exceed these expectations.

Your Investment

It is imperative that your solar installation is scoped and installed correctly. Sizing is the critical question. What loads are needed? And over what period of time? Bigger is always better but like everything else, it comes at a price. With careful design and attention to our customers’ needs and budgets we can design scalable systems that can be easily upgraded with extra capacity as and when needed. We start by working to your budget, and in time, we upgrade as you gradually move off the grid. 

Looking for a Solar Solution?

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